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During the mid 1950's, after attending a UCLA Buckminster Fuller seminar, I decided to see if geodesic surfaces could be extended to hyperbolic dimensions of space-time. Tackling the problem in a 3 day window, I determined the functions also had to resolve imaginary probabilities from +1 to -1 and beyond. Nearing my deadline, I produced a warpable 3d model of the hyperdesic skin, and a plan of the corresponding right and left handed DNA-like spiral carbon core, which I’ve saved to this day.

A 2014 NASA Spitzer mission has now detected the infrared signatures of similar solid carbon geodesics in post-BigBang galactic nebulas.

Previously unnoticed side of physics

Most physics describes processes with a clearly determined result. The goal is to understand the outcome. However, the generative processes of life are constantly improving in an ongoing balance between random and better. In traditional physics, the results of the non living forces of change inevitably degrade. It consumes energy and becomes more random.

However, there is a startling exception and a new branch of physics, Cosmic Biodesics.

Cosmic Biodesics harvests solar energy instant by instant and encodes the resultant change in a quantum coherent signal. This change is transmitted on a non-local quantum channel; i.e.a quantum wave in neighboring space time. The neighborhood reaches to the unfolding shore of time . . . now.    
The process is biologic. To start the process, a single photon of sunlight encounters a receptor like the one in the alien Chroomanus algae. It, without predecessor, appeared in earthly biology. The photon of suitable wave length was trapped by harmonically exciting a protein receptor in the algae which vibrated at the frequency of the solar light.  But the algae was in a time trap. The signal vibrated at light frequency with only 400 fempto seconds to reach the energy center at the algae's factory. If it hadn't everything would have stopped. But it did and the resonance created a biologic reaction that freeed an oxygen atom and energized a living Carbon molecule that generated the successful quantum signal.

Cosmic Biodesics

In my concept of Cosmic Biodesics, I believe that this signal inhabits a unique region in space time. In my opinion, this signal is entirely a coherent quantum wave, meaning that the signal carries information and propagates forward in time.
The region is unique. It's difference from the rest of physics is profound.  . All of the tiny success or fail signals keep forming additional complex quantum waves that interact on various scales while moving forward in time. It is constantly updating itself by interacting with alternative possibilities. It encodes at different scales and basically allows co-evolution to exist and life to flourish and prosper against all odds.
I believe that is it is more far reaching than in Earthy life and that it extends to galactic scales and throughout the eons. 

There is a bigger game afoot. The more we understand it, the better we can emulate it. Instead of relying on chance, we can begin to learn to do this ourselves.

BigBang to Biodesics, and beyond, when we begin to take the reins . . .

Beyond, as our advancing technologies unfold and enfold biologics . . .

As our information technologies become coherent and surpass botanical means.

More to come